Cupcakes and Romance!

Hey everyone!

For my second post, I have two important things to share.

The first a quick update on the progress (and sneak peak) of my first book.

It doesn’t have a title yet, but it follows a twenty two year old paralegal named Teina (after her Mother who died in childbirth), who falls on hard times when she first loses her husband (she catches him with another woman) then her father (to cancer).

His dying wish is that she takes over management of a rag tag bunch of sportsmen in a second rate team he owns. She is struggling with this until she meets Quentin “Bonecrusher” Quade, a rebellious hard as nails (and hot) rugby star from New Zealand.

He recently found himself banned due to on field antics involving a fan, after hehis lost his team a big match. It led to him fleeing to the US to avoid public outcry and anger.

Together they begin to build something of her father’s team and soon learn that together, they may even mend their hearts.

I’m hoping to have the book available everywhere in January 2014. I’ll have a prequel short story available in the coming weeks for people on my mailing list, so hopefully you will join me there.

Cupcakes Ahoy!

Now on to what you are all probably waiting for… the cupcakes. I admit to being a cake fiend. I love cookies, sweets and cakes more than I care to admit.

I recently got obsessed with decorating cupcakes. I made the above cupcakes last night, aren’t they cute? I like the piggies, but cookie monster is pretty darn cute too.

If you want to give them a whirl, just whip up a batch of cupcakes like normal. Get yourself some blue frosting and some mini chocolate chip cookies. Cut a wedge out and slip the cookie into the gap. Then ice around with the blue frosting. I went the extra mile by dying some coconut blue with food dye to make it look like fur. I know… adorable right?

Then I got two white chocolate buttons and a tiny bit of milk chocolate frosting for the eyeballs.

As cookie monster would say.. “Cupcakes nom nom nom”


Hey everyone this is my new website & blog.

I’ll be talking to you all really soon about my new romance series that will be coming out. I’ll also be chatting about my favourite sports and recipes. I’m a bit of a cake lover!

I hope people will enjoy getting to know me. Hopefully you will enjoy my books!

Carly Louise Kennedy